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mb-2--- title: Japan - Photobucket III (& random musings) description: Along with a random collage of photos from my adventures throughout Japan - this blog post includes some even more random musings… date: 2015-12-07T03:13:00+02:00 tags: [Random]

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Gin clear water

Otodome Waterfall


Japanese sashimi Japanese curry

Temples and Shrines

Temple near Mt. Fuji

Flora & Fauna

Bamboo forest

Note: Godzilla first made landfall on mainland Japan in 1954 at Kannonzaki Cape on Miura Peninsula. His first footprints have been forever immortalized (in 1/10th scale) near a small sandy beach frequented by sea gulls and fishermen.



Dinner is served.

This was our delicious dinner served by our gracious hosts and Tenjin Lodge.

Car problems

While road tripping to a remote keiryu for a multi-night tenkara adventure my friends Subaru suddenly started having electrical problems. We stopped at this dealer for about two hours until they cleared it up and we were back on the road again...


This, the third installment of my photobucket series is a hodgepodge collage of random photos from my adventures in Japan. It has been a while since my last substantial blog post but I have been keeping busy doing some under the hood tuning of the backend of Fallfish Tenkara. To name a few of the things that have been taking up a lot of my time lately: HTTP/2, DNS, CDN, caches, themes, JS, CSS, Apache, droplets, VPS, SSH, SFTP, permissions, WP, and AWS.

Scooter parking

In other news the Sierra Nevada is getting hammered with storm after storm, which is good because California really needs the water. Of course I am a little jealous, winter is just getting started here in Japan (at least Honshu Island - Hokkaido has been absolutely slammed with snow in the last month or so). I will be headed up to Hokkaido for the Sapporo Snow Festival in February - I am looking forward to that trip.

Downtown Tokyo

Also, in case you missed it (and read this far) the latest issue of Tenkara Angler published on December 1. Yours truly wrote a piece titled "The Theology of Tenkara, Trout, and Japan". Check it out! Link here.

Isaac Tait

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