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The Breakfast Club

September 04, 2015

I am not the party till you puke type. I also do not like loud crowded clubs. But I do like to go out for a few drinks on occasion and when I do I prefer a dive bar/hole-in-the-wall/out of the way locations with a juke box and fairly priced drinks that are not watered down. The Breakfast Club Bar in downtown Yokosuka is one of these places. There is a small sign out front marking the entrance, then you descend a narrow staircase into the basement.

Front Door

When you open the door you are greeted with walls filled with memorabilia from the 80's - a vintage Back To The Future Delorean model car, movie posters; 80's disco, pop, and classic rock cd's, music videos, and paraphernalia and an ultra classy retro Zima fluorescent lamp! It is like taking a step back in time. The owner Hiro-yuki is not only a great guy to talk to but an outstanding DJ, chef, and maker of drinks extraordinar!


His day job has him cooking up meals at a nearby Italian restaurant. The food served at The Breakfast Club is not your typical bar food fare, I have been here for a few hosted parties and the food has always been phenomenal! If you are still hungry there is a fabulous yakitori stand not too far from The Breakfast Club tucked into a tiny alley. There is usually a long line but it is totally worth the wait.


So if you find yourself in Yokosuka and are itching for a good drink, some great tunes, and pleasant company head to The Breakfast Club - you will not be disappointed.

Fallfish Tenkara received no compensation whatsoever for this blog post. I took it upon myself to write about this unique establishment of my own accord.

The famous Yakatori stand in a back alley of Yokosuka
Isaac Tait

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